Session with fiddler Trish Clair-Peck

What great fun photographing Trish for publicity images and headshots.  We did some traditional poses then tried some creative images with strong sidelighting and silhouettes.  At the end weventured outside into the grass to capture some casual, natural images.

I knew I also wanted to photograph Trish with her bare feet – she always performs this way!  I focused in on just the fiddle and legs for a different approach.  To me this is the essence of Trish.

Trish is an amazing fiddler; don’t miss the opportunity if you ever get a chance to see her perform.  We’re hosting a house concert Sunday April 25th featuring Trish – proceeds to benefit the Vancouver Island Fiddle Camp, which Trish organizes so successfully every year.

I also hear that she has another CD in the works so watch for details about that.  I, for one, can’t wait!

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