Kait’s Story Behind the Images

I’ve always been a fan of photography because it captures a moment just as it was, and will never be again. In years from now, that moment will be studied by my children and their families and friends, just as I study pictures from my family’s past. They, as I do, will try to extract even the smallest bit of information, as if reading between the lines, about me and their dad and their siblings and the times we lived in. They’ll look for clues to a mysterious time and moment that they were a part of but can’t remember.

Every portrait is personal. How can it not be? To me though, there’s more to making a picture personal than just being in it. Every photograph is an opportunity to pass along more than just a little hint of life at that particular moment. It’s a chance to pass down information through props, places and activities that make up our lives today.

Photographs are also pieces of art and art should be unique, personal and beautiful.  A photograph can be all of these things.

My husband builds motorcycles and incorporating the bike he built for himself into our first pregnancy photo session seemed natural. I’d never been on that particular bike before the photos were taken but it was a big part of Dave’s life AND is very important to him. At that time, we were spending many evenings outside by our fire pit on our new property and that too, seemed to capture a moment that was true to our lives.

For me, daffodils have special meaning. My middle name is Daphodil and when I started looking ahead at the timing for our second child to be born, I was thrilled that it was spring time. Spring has always been special to me, and of course, nothing says spring like the bright yellow flowers that make up part of my name. How could I not bring daffodils into our portraits?

Get creative with your photographs. Make them yours.   Help Kelli make them into unique and personal forms of art that you, and the next generations of your family, will cherish.

Kait Burgan

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    I guess I wrote quite a novel…my editor side is screaming out! Thanks for posting though.

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