Koren’s Story Behind the Images

A Wintery Surprise

I had booked an appointment with Kelli weeks in advance to get some pregnancy photos done of myself and my partner prior to
the birth of my baby.  It was one week before I was due and I was starting to get very excited.  I felt in my heart that I was having a girl….woman’s intuition.  I booked the appointment for Sunday afternoon thinking it would be a stress free day.

It started snowing the day before my appointment and kept right on snowing into the next day.  My partner Jason had no idea what I had planned just that we were getting our photos taken and voiced his concern about our ability to get there.  I knew this would be our last opportunity to have the pictures done with him, as he works during the week.  Cancelling was not an option in my heightened hormonal state.  We were going even though the streets were a mess with snow and when we got to Kelli’s home studio there was more than a foot of snow on the street.  We decided to risk it, despite the fact that we might get stuck later.

Kelli was very warm and welcoming.   She had us pose, and I had suggested earlier that we might want some photos with props.  I decided to pose with some of the potential outfits I would be bringing Maya home in…I had already picked the baby’s name.   On the very last shot I laid out a girly out fit and put on my pink pajamas.  The picture was to be my baby girl’s keepsake when she was older (a picture of the outfit she came home from the hospital in and her in her mommy’s belly).  I got down on the floor and stretched out and felt a burst of water.  Given the fact that it was my first pregnancy I said to Kelli, “I am not sure but I think my water just broke.”  Everything after that was blur of excitement as we high-tailed it out of there as fast as we could pack up and called the midwife.  My son
Logan Joshua was born 8 hours later at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital weighing in at a healthy 9 lb 12.5 oz. on December 3, 2007.

My advice, forget about your intuition and get an ultrasound.  I love my little bundle of joy.

P.S. I think Logan had enough of his mommy calling him Maya and said “I am outta here”.

Koren Bear

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    Wow! What a story! Great!

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