Where is the Vancouver Island Marmot – January 10, 2011?

Can you guess where the marmot is?  He’s on Vancouver Island, but where?  Add your guess below in the comment section by the end of the day January 10th (comments will not appear until Tuesday).  From all the correct guesses received I will do a draw for a Snow Buddy plush marmot.  Winners will be announced each Tuesday.


And don’t forget that you can support the Vancouver Island Marmots on February 2nd!

One Day Session Special

Did you know…Vancouver Island marmots love peanut butter!  Me too!

8 Responses to “Where is the Vancouver Island Marmot – January 10, 2011?”

  1. Hi Kelly. I believe that you could find the adorable Vancouver Island marmot safely tucked away on “The Golden Hinde” as they prefer meadows that are 1000 metres in elevation that face south and west. If not there, the mascot for The Victoria Salmon Kings is “Marty the Marmot”, and was created to represent the importance of the species to the Vancouver Island region so they might be the folks to contact for marmot sightings, lol. Keep up the good work!


  2. Gail Beerman says:

    Sebastian Beach, Lantzville

  3. I don’t want/need to win, but this is too much fun to resist! That sure looks like Sebastion Beach in Lantzville…

  4. cindy maurer says:

    he’s on a beach!! what you want me to be more specific!
    at neck point?

  5. Andrew Osmond says:

    Hey Kel… thats gotta be sebastian beach!

  6. Dawna Foster says:

    My guess is on Protection Island …

  7. Kendra Vanderzee says:

    On a Rock.
    Lol, I’d say at Pipers Laggon

  8. Kelli says:

    The Marmot was hanging out at Sebastion Beach in Lantzville! Some great guesses, everyone. Gail Beerman is the winner, drawn from the correct answers. Watch next Monday to see where the marmot turns up.

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