Where is the Vancouver Island Marmot – January 17, 2011

Can you guess where the marmot is?  He’s on Vancouver Island, but where?  He’s an adventurous little creature, and friendly too – he’s recently been spotted on a Girl Guide retreat.

Add your guess below in the comment section by the end of the day January 17th (comments will not appear until Tuesday).  From all the correct guesses received I will do a draw for a Snow Buddy plush marmot.  Winners will be announced each Tuesday.

Where is the Marmot?

And don’t forget that you can support the Vancouver Island Marmots on February 2nd!

One Day Session Special

Did you know…Marmots eat grasses, herbs, and flowering plants – they’re vegans!

11 Responses to “Where is the Vancouver Island Marmot – January 17, 2011”

  1. Nicola mctaggart says:

    At a chalet up mount Washington?

  2. Gail Beerman says:

    He’s made a trip to Mt. Washington, his real home.

  3. kristin marshall says:

    Mt. Washington!

  4. Pia Pedersen says:

    This VI Marmot is in his natural habitat, on Mt. Washington. Love the red skis! :o)

  5. Arlene Brownhill says:

    Looks like Mount Washington

  6. Robyn Austin says:

    At Mt Washington I think on the rail outside Raven Lodge ( the crosscountry lodge).

  7. Robyn Austin says:

    At raven lodge Mt Washington

  8. cindy says:

    mount washington

  9. Kathleen Darby says:

    Mount Washington? And guess what I saw a marmot on Mount Washington when I was there in August 2009…

  10. Dawna Foster says:

    Mount Washington?

  11. Kelli says:

    Great answers everyone! Yes, the marmot was at Mount Washington. Kathleen Darby is the winner! Kathleen, I’m jealous you’ve seen a marmot in the wild, considering how few of them there are. Lucky you.

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