Where is the Vancouver Island Marmot – January 24, 2011

Vancouver Island MarmotCan you guess where the marmot is?  He’s on Vancouver Island, but where?

Add your guess below in the comment section by the end of the day January 24th (comments will not appear until Tuesday).  From all the correct guesses received I will do a draw for a Snow Buddy plush marmot.  Winners will be announced each Tuesday.

My kids have totally fallen in love with the little marmot and have now named her Molly.  I guess I should stop calling it a he!  We’ve learned some pretty cool facts about the Vancouver Island Marmot; they’re pretty interesting little animals.

Did you know?  Marmots are also known as “whistle pigs” because they whistle when they think they’re in danger.

Don’t forget that you can support the Vancouver Island Marmots on February 2nd!

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9 Responses to “Where is the Vancouver Island Marmot – January 24, 2011”

  1. Nicola mctaggart says:

    Is Molly in Duncan?

  2. Kim Plumley says:

    The Malahat?

  3. Arlene Brownhill says:

    On the Malahat.

  4. Gail Beerman says:

    She’s hanging out on the Malahat

  5. Kathleen Darby says:

    He is on the totem at the big lookout on the Malahat looking down Finlayson Arm…yes?

  6. Carolin says:

    down at Transfer Beach in Ladysmith

  7. Gordon Fenske says:

    The rest stop at the summit of the malahat. One of my favorite spots to photograph the sunrise

  8. Kelli says:

    Hi Everyone,
    Great guesses once again. Molly was on the Malahat! Kim Plumley is the winner this week – I’m sure her girls will be happy to hear that.

    What a little traveler; wonder where she will venture to next week. Next week is the last week of Hide and Seek before Groundhog Day!


  9. mark wilson says:

    rest stop on the malahat

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