Happy Groundhog Day! February 2, 2011

Vancouver Island Marmot

Vancouver Island Marmot

I have always had a fondness for groundhogs since they share their special day with my birthday.  And what’s not to love about them, they are adorable.

Did they see their shadow this year?

Wiarton Willie, our most famous Canadian groundhog – originally an albino, did not see his shadow in Ontario this morning.

Well, Punxsutawney Phil (the famous groundhog from the movie Groundhog Day) did not see his shadow in Pennsylvania.  Thousands of people gather each year at Gobbler’s Knob (what a strange name for a place) to see Phil the prognosticator.

So, according to these animal meteorologists, we will have an early spring!  And don’t forget you can help protect Canada’s most endangered animal – the groundhog’s Vancouver Island cousin.

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