Easter Bunnies visit the Portrait Studio in Lantzville!

Easter Portraits 2011

We had 3 adorable and fluffy house guests last weekend – bunnies from the Nanaimo SPCA!  One was a cute brown rabbit named Hershey – recognizable by his one ear up, the other down – he just can’t decide if he’s a lop or not.  Another was BunBun, the mellow grey rabbit who became my daughter’s favourite.  The third rabbit was just a baby – an adorable ball of black fur; Berry was a squirmy little thing, but so, so sweet.

The kids who visited the studio this year for the Easter Portraits loved visiting with all the bunnies!  Some even asked mom for a pet bunny (by the way, the SPCA has these rabbits and more available for adoption)!  We had lots of giggles in the studio that day!

A big thank you to my kids, Maia and Quin, who helped out for the entire day as my bunny wranglers.  They did an amazing job and improved their bunny-handling skills since last year!  And thank you to Jane who helped out as well that day.

And thank you to the local Nanaimo SPCA for lending the bunnies to Etheridge Photographic for the weekend!  Partial proceeds from the Easter Portrait event were donated to the SPCA.

Want to see all the images from that day?  Check them out in the online gallery.



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