Halloween Costume Contest 2011

You may vote for more than one image, but only once per image.  Share link with family and friends so they can vote as well.  Prizes includes Gift Certificates for Etheridge Photographic as well as donated items from Nanaimo Area Land Trust.  Voting will close on October 31 at 9:00pm.  Winners will be announced November 1.


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10 Responses to “Halloween Costume Contest 2011”

  1. Susanna says:

    Love those cheeks!

  2. Donna Eathorne says:

    cutest little Ladybug ever

  3. Natalie says:


  4. Gurpreet says:

    cutest little pumpkin and pirate!!!

  5. Judy McCormack says:

    Such a cute cuddly little bear cub!! Hugs. L.O.L.

  6. Judy McCormack says:

    Such a cute little bear cub! Hugs. L.O.L.

  7. Denise Fenwick says:

    I vote for Nash Saywell!!!

  8. Holly Wylie says:

    The cutest girl Fire Fighter in all of Nanaimo

  9. What proud grand’s you are…loved the picture….they are all so cute

  10. Monica says:

    NASH SAYWELL ALL THE WAY!! Cutest tiger ever!

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